Let's talk about FEELINGIRLS!


 Hi everyone!

How's everything going? Hope you are all ok! It's been a while since I don't post here but it's always a good time to come back and talk about one of the websites that caught my attention in the last feew weeks.

FeelinGirl is a website dedicated to women of all ages and sizes which purpose is to every woman to feel confortable in her own skin. In the website you can find bodysuits, shorts, panties, and so much more that you can wear at home, job or even the gym!

Some of my favorite products are their waist trainer for women, perfect for those days where you need that extra shape on your body (and pretend that you went to the gym the last couple of weeks too!). You can find plenty of variotions on designs and colors so you can find the one who fits you best!

Find it here: click!

And last but not least, you definitely need to check their High Waisted Shaper Shorts, a must for those days where you want to feel extra confortable and sexy! I feel like they fit with any piece of clothes you want to wear like dresses, skirts, shorts or jeans. 

Just as the waist cincher, you'll find a lot of different designs and colors to find the one who fits you and your closet best. 

Find it here: click!

Now they are on sale on most of their products so don't miss the opportunity to get a top piece for your wardrove! Check their sizes too, which go from a "S" to a "3XL". You'll find a video in every product that will show you from a real view how they fit the model, so you can imagine better how the piece will suit you!

If you want to know more about the brand feel free to comment below so I can answer all your questions. I feel like this is one of the few websites that truly cares about women of all sizes and how they want to feel confident, sexy and confortable at the same time, so it's fear to give them a try! 

Find it her: click!

Hope you like this post and also that you support that I write in english for the first time! If you want me to do it in every post I'll definitely try to.

Stay safe! See you at the next one.

Belén Serrano, xx.

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  1. Such a wonderful post! These items look fantastic. And congrats on your first English post! <3
    the creation of beauty is art.

  2. Muchas gracias por la recomendación guapa, la verdad es que no conocía esta página, ¡feliz fin de semana! :)


  3. What a cool thing, because even thin people often have a small tummy. I have here is, although I like enough svelte.